September 19, 2015

Unison League: The most addicting iOS/Android game ever.

There are a lot of amazing games out there, but they come very few when it actually comes down to lasting. Sure, there are games that are fun for a few days, but I’ve been playing Unison League for weeks and I just can’t stop. It’s a game that seems to take after another mobile game, Brave Frontier, but I feel like this game is superior in a few ways. But this isn’t a comparison to Brave Frontier, this is a reason why you should download this amazing app.

For one, the gameplay is so great. You get a pick of five classes for your character. The Soldier, the Lancer, the Archer, the Mage, and the Cleric. There are classes that branch off from those classes once you get all the abilities for the class of your choice. If you’ve selected a class and you decide later you don’t want to be this class, there’s no need to worry, as class changing is free! Every class requires a separate play style to use well.

  • The Soldier is a tank class, made to aggro opponents and buff themselves and teammates.
  • The Lancer is a full-on attacker, made to deal damage fast and destroy any opponent’s armor.
  • The Archer is a physical and magical attacker, or defender. It’s an all-around class that can use whatever. They’re very hard to predict what’s coming next from them, so they’re a big problem on the opponent’s team.
  • The Mage is basically the Lancer, but instead of stabbing opponents, they’re going to destroy them with magic.
  • Then, my personal favorite, the Cleric, who can’t do anything when it comes to damaging opponents, but when it comes to healing your damaged teammates, they’re the greatest.

The main gameplay is a PvE quest, where you have to defeat waves of opponents, just you and four teammates. Before the quest begins, you get a view at four enemies that you have to kill to get a Gem as a bonus. You will get bots as teammates, who are automatically classed as the classes that you are not. Your friends can join your quest whenever, and they will take the place of the bot that matches their class. When the last wave comes, it’s a tough boss fight to the death! After that’s that, you will get experience, Proficiency, which you use to get new abilities, and some gold! Then, you get a view at the four enemies that you were supposed to kill. They will be marked off the list, and when all four are defeated, you get that Gem! Gems are used for many things, like name changes, gear summons, or refilling your AP, which is what you use to go on quests.

The gear system is really well done. You get a main slot and five sub slots for your gear. All of the stat bonuses that are on gear will go towards your total “Gear Score,” which determines how badass you are in this game, even more so than your actual level. You can get some cruddy gear from quests, but the place where the real gear is found is in Gem Spawns. You can spawn with 3 gems for a chance for some cool gear, or use 30 gems for a guranteed SR piece or higher. The rarity scale goes: N (Normal), R ( Rare), SR (Super Rare), SSR (Super Super Rare), and UR (Ultra Rare). When you have that cool piece of gear that you love, you can Augment it using other cruddy gear to make it better. But when you get to the higher stuff, it’s not worth it at all. To really get any value at all, you need to use certain EXP gear pieces that you can get from Augment Quests which happen every so often, but you don’t have to worry about it until you’re augmenting SR to UR gear pieces. Some gear pieces also have special abilities, but those only apply when they’re in your Main slot.

The biggest part of the gameplay and gear that have a big correlation are the Unison abilities. You can get Monsters as normal gear pieces, and once equipped, you’re ready to go. Every Monster has a certain element, which matters, bear with me. During battle, you have a Unison meter which you can fill by using abilities. When it’s completely filled, you can transform into one of your equipped Monsters and unleash a strong attack! The attack is okay on its own, but it really shines when 2 or more people on the same team become Monsters of the same element. If that happens, you will summon a Great Spirit to unleash a devastating move! It’ll really show when all five people on a team use a Monster with the same element!

But there are also guilds. You can make your own guild for free, or just join another if management is too much pressure. Once part of a guild, three times a day you will be able to participate in a 30 min. (max) Unison League battle, where five members of two guilds will have at it! If you win, you will get amazing rewards, even Gems! ┬áTrust me when I say it’s totally worth it to try to manage your time to participate in these battles.

There’s so much more to the game, like an actual story, and events, sub quests, customization, and so much more, but that’s everything I can talk about without starting a quest. Just, if you have an iOS or Android device, download this app immediately, give it a go and have an amazing time. You won’t regret it.